About us

Since our previous website constantly was hacked, this is for the time being a simplified version

After 10 years in Stavsjö we left Templudden, in the summer of 2011, for a more comfortable living in the beautiful coastal city Oxelosund, where we live only 132 meters from the coast and one of the marinas. Thus, we have changed the traditional Gustavian 1700s temple, with attached housing, to a modern bungalow in a strict Danish designed  60's style. Both we and the dogs enjoyed it from the start.

We have not had any Bergamasco litter since 2007, when we got a pile of 15 puppies with 14 survivors. If there will be any new litter from the Tempeludden kennel, the future will reveal.

In addition to our two remaining dogs, Ria dell'Albera and her son Tempeludden's Giorgio, we , earlier were part-owners in two more Bergamasco, who are owned by kennel Ribellepelos. It is Varenne dell Piervez, which we picked up down in Italy in 2009 and attractive little Enigma of Villroseakken